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Presenting to some, re-introducing to others, Rayven Godchild.

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The Confessions of a Sex Fiend series is rolling out. The first episode, Tasting Cherry, has been released. You'll enter the world of Chancellor Baltimore, a male escort formerly with an agency turned solo act.

I heard back from AuthorHouse and received their cancellation notification. Some used copies are still in circulation but I am going to re-publish Secret Lilies, my suspense romantica, that I self-published several years ago; a tale of love, murder and obsession.

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And here is the cover for Confessions of a Sex Fiend: Tasting Cherry
Cover Design by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers
 What Tasting Cherry is about:
*Chancellor Baltimore, former male escort
*everybody has a first time
*Being geek (What? You'll have to check it out to see)
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Confessions of a Sex Fiend: A View to Ecstasy 
Cover Design by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers
Discovering his sex fiend within and becoming a male escort started Chancellor Baltimore on a delicious journey. In A View to Ecstasy, Chancellor discovers there's more to sex than a vanilla lifestyle and how intoxicating it can be when there's more than just two in the tango.

And don't forget the cookies...

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Confessions of a Sex Fiend: Retreat Bound
Cover Design by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers
Chancellor Baltimore goes by many titles: geek-extraordinaire, sex fiend, self-proclaimed sexpert, and now…Master Baltimore. In this installment of Confessions of a Sex Fiend, it isn’t just Chancellor confessing. There’s so much to discover when Mallory shares her point of view.

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Confessions of a Sex Fiend: Bound to Collide
The FINAL confession
Cover Design by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers

Chancellor Baltimore left the escort agency life for a few good reasons, but the main reason: Neela. Now she’s back…and understandably angry. After making her way into his retreat and in his face seeking the truth, they both discover there’s a whole other truth they must deal with…and the truth…oh yes…it sets them free.

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This is Chancellor Baltimore's series of confessions. I'm sure there'll be more steam to come :-)

Here's your chance to enjoy all four short stories from beginning to end:

~ ~ ~ On the path to earning his degree in mechanical engineering, Chancellor Baltimore, geek-extraordinaire, experiences a detour of a lifetime. He discovers his inner sex fiend and an incurable yearning to be the fantasy, bring the pain, and ensure unbridled pleasure for his clients. But even he experiences a bump in the road.  ~ ~ ~

In Tasting Cherry, everyone has a first time.
In A View to Ecstasy, it’s so much more fun when there’s more than two in the tango.
In Retreat Bound, there’s pleasure in the pain.
And in Bound to Collide, Chancellor experiences a collision course that is inevitable.
Let’s enjoy these tales of a sex fiend as Chancellor continues to break the rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. They will be our little secrets…

**May 26th expected release date**

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