Monday, January 13, 2014

And Here it is: Confessions of a Sex Fiend: Tasting Cherry, Now Available

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Chancellor Baltimore here to share a few things with everybody :-)

Rayven Godchild did me a solid. I've been having some things on the brain and well, she gave me a chance to share about them. Here's the deal. I'm sharing some things I probably shouldn't. I'm a man made the Vegas way. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Right. So what you're getting to read, what Rayven is sharing with you is something I'm confessing...let's keep this between us, okay? Good.

First up, Confessions of a Sex Fiend: Tasting Cherry is now on the scene:

~ ~ ~ Meet Chancellor Baltimore. With a plan to become a mechanical engineer, he was well on his way until he discovered a new addiction that changed the course of his life. As you read this installment of Confessions of a Sex Fiend, you can decide if this change was for better or for worse. ~ ~ ~ 

This episode is all about firsts: 
First base 
First touch 
First time 

And we get to experience the drama of “firsts” from Chancellor’s point of view as he delivers a first of his own. 

Let’s enjoy this tale of a sex fiend as Chancellor breaks the rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret…

Here are the buy links: Smashwords | Amazon

And of course, an excerpt is always nice:

***I squeezed an orange slice over her mons, licking the juices off in deliberately slow, teasing circles, moving the ball of my tongue piercing closer and closer to her hooded clit. I placed more teasing licks along the inside of her thighs, sneaking closer and closer to her pussy lips.

Taking a dab of whipped cream, I traced an S curve down the middle of her pussy, enjoying her breathy moans of enjoyment. Using both hands to spread her lips wider and push up the hood hiding her clit, I crushed my tongue against her flesh, licking the cream, then flicking the tip of my tongue against her exposed button over and over.***

Vocabulary for the day is mons: short for mons pubis, which is that sensually sexual mound of female flesh just above those delicious lips - as in the ones between those thighs *Don't say Chancellor Baltimore never taught you anything :-)*

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