Friday, March 28, 2014


If you've had a chance to keep up with the Confessions, you know three short stories have been released, each one a steamy erotic secret shared by geek-turned-sex-fiend, Chancellor Baltimore. Well, a certain someone has been mentioned in each short story, and is time for Chancellor to meet again with the one woman who brings out the deepest fiend in him:


And it goes down in...
Before BOUND TO COLLIDE is released in a couple of weeks, you can catch up on all the Confessions of a Sex Fiend series. Click on the title and get to Amazon where you can Buy with 1-click :-)
Tasting Cherry - there's a first time for everything
A View to Ecstasy - so much fun when there's more than two in the tango
Retreat Bound - being bound can bring such exquisite pain and pleasure

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  1. This series is taking off. Congrats!


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